Pre-Graduation Party
Since graduation was held in the evening, we had to have our graduation parties sometime before that (after just wouldn't work too well).  Amy and some other people hosted this one...

Mmmm... food

More people surrounding the food...

Now you can't even see the food! :(

This picture turned out really nice, especially considering the fact that I just stuck my head out the door and said, "uhh, smile or something," and took the picture. :)

     The Play
We (well, a couple of us) went to the last showing of "Blood Brothers" after we ate.  Some friends of ours are in the cast.

Dunno what inspired me to do this, but I took a picture of Andy taking a picture of Robison, err, I mean Allie and Rob.

To those of you that get it, congraduations, to the rest, bah.

     Class Night
Class Night is the new PC term for Baccalaureate, I guess.

"Sometimes you feel like a monk!" (that's me on the left)  Hehe, Griff really looks like a judge for some reason.

And there's the cake! ... well, the punch was good :)

Uhh, this is where I graduated from high school... or something.

Here comes the Senior class... I'm in the front of the right line (because I sit in the back).  Note: light.

I think this was when I graduated...  It must have been.  It's dark out.

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