Stuff I've Made
Monochrome-ish numbers for Quake3 HUD.
LCD numbers for Quake3 HUD.
RAWscape - Terrain Generating Program for Q2
SIMON game thingie... Memory game for DOS
Riverscape - Custom sky for Quake2.
Arctic Sky - Custom sky for Quake2.
Quake2 Gone Insane - My attempt at "music" ;)
jit2a.mp3 - a better attempt at music :) (doomish)
Quad Mod - 4x's the damage, 4x's the firing rate, 4x's the frags :)
ArenaBall - Small single flag speedball map.
Who Forgot to Flush?!?! - Sewer EEH/DM map.
Palettes - JASC palettes for Quake, Quake2, and Paintball2
Palettes - Adobe palettes for Quake, Quake2, and Paintball2

   Stuff I've Worked On
Digital Paint Paintball II - Best TC for Quake2 :)

   Other Stuff
Crazy Marbles - 3DFX Marble Madness-like game.
ArghRad - Very nice lighting program for Quake2.
Quake2 gamex86.dll source.
.WAL Plugin for Photoshop/Paint Shop Pro.

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Modified Sep.03,1999