Midnight ][ - The Inversion
Midnight II jail with pseudo-reflective waterCenter area of midnight2Midnight II: blue flagMidnight2 prisonMidnight II: outside of blue flagstation.  The window is useful for getting flag cappers :)Midnight II: The upper bridgeThe room below the flag/spawn area in Midnight2Midnight II: high tunnel to purple base
If you've ever played the original Midnight Paint map, you will note that this one is very similar.  It's basically the original Midnight mirrored vertically, but not exactly.  I built it from scratch (after losing the first one I was working on which was exactly that) so it is entirely unique.  I threw in a lot of eye candy, such as the ripply water in the center area and the "reflective" water in the jail.  It has about as much cool stuff as Quake2 can handle.  It might be a bit slow, but I figure since my computer can run it smoothly when it's like 3 generations old, if it's slow, you need to upgrade!  I personally love the weapon balance on it.  It gives you a good chance to make use of the lesser-used weapons (i.e. anything but the autococker:)  The barrels and stuff are strategically placed, rather than randomly scattered around the map (I did that with a bunch of my older maps), so the gameplay is pretty good, but it seems to work best with more people (like 4v4 and up).  I think it's probably my best PBall2 map yet (though the gameplay is a close call with the original Midnight).  Download it here.

     Siege Castle

This is a very detailed map for Paintball II.  It has a large terrain with  a castle in the middle.  The flag is in the middle of the castle on the second floor.  It's rather difficult to defend, so I would recommend having at least 3 people per team.  Footstep sounds actually make a big difference on this one, so rushing the base may not be the smartest thing to do :)

    YOY Arena

YOY is some crazy thing that got started on IRC, so I made this map just for fun.  The first screenshot should be enough of a description.  It can be played in both 1 flag and 2 flag mode.  I don't think I need to say more.  Yoy! :)  PearlSlam got these cool action shots from the first time the map was played.  You can grab the map here.


ArenaBall is a small single flag speedball map for Digital Paint Paintball II.  It's basically one small outdoor area with a base on each end, a moat with bridges to a flag in the middle, and a bunch of white wood bunkers all around.  You can download it here.  If you don't have Digital Paint's Paintball II, GO GET IT.  It's got a bit of a learning curve, but once you're good at it, the game play is awesome! :)

     Who Forgot to Flush?!?!

This map is unique in a couple of ways.  It's made up mostly of a bunch of pipes which were assembled by a random map generator.  That's right!  I just built a bunch of pipe sections and had a random map generator randomly assemble them.  The other thing that's kinda funny about it is that it was made for an easter egg hunt.  That's what the baskets are for, in case you were wondering -- ya grab a bunch of eggs and bring 'em to the baskets for points. The title of the map is just to poke fun at the sewer theme, which actually looks pretty cool, but one might think "WFTF?" while running through it ;)  You can play DM on this map as well as Easter Egg Hunt (whose gamex86.dll was never made public), or you can just look around... It's kinda cool considering it was random :)  Download it here.


This is one of, if not the, largest Paintball2 maps.  It's got tons of outdoor area.  It's basically what the name says... a brainstorm.  I was just throwing all kinds of new ideas into it I had.  It's got sewer pipes, bridges, strange bunkers, grass/dirt fading in ditches, Wolf3d-like jail (actually I stole that from my SplatterHouse map), and a lot of experimentation with all the new textures I'd made.  It was the first paintball2 map I made... or started on at least.  I started and completed a few others before finishing this one.  I guess I kinda lost inspiration (that and my comp didn't have the kinda memory to easily edit huge maps :)  Since you have to have Paintball2 to run this map, and Brainstorm's included, I'm not gonna bother having a separate download for it.  You can grab Paintball2 here.

     Midnight Paint

When I first started making this map, I thought it would suck.  I built it in one night figuring I might as well finish it just to have another map (this was when there weren't many maps for Paintball2).  Once I got the lighting done tho, it turned out pretty cool.  I was experimenting with the layout, giving it a rather interesting array of entrances and exits and multiple levels.  I wasn't sure how the game play would be, but it ended up being awesome.  It's my personal favorite (and tends to be others' least favorite when they are playing against me ;)  This one's also included in Paintball2.


This map is not for those who easily get sick, confused, lost, or dizzy!  It's a 4-team map with a spider web of strangely-linked hallways.  The black walls and spinning stars don't make it any easier to find your way around ;) If you get in the center, you can walk around in circles and only see black, but if you walk the other way you'll see all the exits (not intentional, but kinda cool :)  It's the only map I've made that I could leave fullbright and still have it look cool :)  You can get it in the Beta 5.5 pack for Paintball2.


Originally made for Quake Paintball, SplatterHouse was ported to Paintball2 and modified a bit.  It's a medium-large two-story (4-story if you count the platform levels) map which makes you watch your back.  People can attack from almost anywhere :)  It's got a Wolf3d-like jail which I've also copied to Brainstorm (since I thought it was pretty cool :)  It comes with both the Q1 and Q2 Paintball's which can be downloaded from the Digital Paint site.

     Ker-SPLAT ][

Another Quake1 Pball original.  This is probably my favorite q1 map.  I could go wild and take out all or most of an entire team :)  The shots were taken in Q2, but the map is pretty much identical ('cept the sky).  I even kept the q1 lighting when I ported it :)  It comes with both Quake Paintball and Paintball2.  You can grab 'em off the DP Site.


The first true Quake Paintball map (I think... if you don't count the test maps).  It's a really small speedball-like map with little "observation decks" for jailed eliminated players (tho it's kinda hard to observe when other jailers are shooting at you ;).  It's sad how much time went into this little map.  It was revised so many times.  It was ported to Q2 PBall (like most of the others) and the only things that were changed were better gun placement and glass for the observation decks.

     Paintball Deathmatch I

Yeah... really original name, eh? :)  This map was made for Quake1, but Q1 PBall never had DM implemented, so I just ported it to Q2 once we had DM support.  It's got a nice maze of wooden structures with lots of little windows and doors, but just looks like a giant "L" from the top view in the level editor :)  I won on it a couple times at DPCon.  Like the rest of the pball maps I made, this one comes with Paintball2.


Well... It was an attempt to be borgish, anyway.  My first straight DM map... almost... I was making it to go along with the Assimilation mod.  The layout was inspired by Quake's E1M3 and is vaguely similar (I had a blast playing that on a LAN).  I haven't finished it yet... pretty much all that's left to do is the lighting (green overkill and some spots aren't lit yet).

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