nov -10- 2002
     Tutorial - Chibi Anime Eyes
Someone requested this, so I made it.  Check it out here, or find it in the Tools/Tips section.

     Tutorial - Rock Textures
Since I've been putting together a ton of new textures for Paintball II, I thought I might as well make some tutorials for them as I went along.  Here's one on how to make rock textures from scratch (also linked in the Tools/Tips section).

     New Anime Sketches
Dug up some more sketches out of my notes. :)  I also reorganized the Art/Anime section a bit.

     Photography Section
A completely new section has been added under the Art category.

     School Life
It's pretty sad that I haven't updated since I started school.  I've been keeping myself pretty busy -- 7 compsci classes and physics. :)  I've managed thus far without buying ANY books.  money.save(300);  I had to buy the whole series of physics books for the first physics class I had, so that took care of physics, and compsci books... those are generally a waste of money.  Last semester I opened one compsci book once and it didn't even have what I was looking for, so I was like, "You know what?  I'm not going to bother ever buying a compsci book again."

It looks like I'll be out of college in a year.  Hopefully then I can be a more productive member of the gaming community. ;)

     New Computer - Cut by the Cutting Edge
Another demon has been spawned from the bowels of hell to possess my hardware and haunt me at night.  Either that or it transferred itself over from my old computer.  I don't know.  I need to hire an exorcist.

I think I made two basic mistakes here:
1) Purchasing new hardware with cutting edge technology (8x AGP and whatnot).
2) Purchasing an ATI video card (not entirely ATI's fault.  Lots of software just has poor/no ATI support).

One would think that a video card that promotes 8x AGP would, naturally, work with a motherboard that promotes 8x AGP.  Well, to my surprise, the only 8x AGP motherboards on the market did NOT work with the only 8x AGP video cards on the market.  After about 2 weeks of reading bboards, installing different drivers/patches/bios updates, and playing with different settings, I've gotten it mostly stabilized (still locks up every once in a while).  Sheesh.  Why can't I just have a computer that works like it should right off the bat?

It was rather funny, now that I think back on it, reading the rage3d bboards.  Some people treat ATI like a religion.  "Boo! Hiss! nVidia!  Evil!  The dark side!" or "You complemented nVidia.  We must kill you and sacrifice you to the ATI gods now." or "HAHAH NV30 WLILL SUXr> ROFLMAO."  There are some places where logic and reason do not apply.  Reminds me of some avid mac users... :)

Oh, here are the specs of my new machine, btw:
Abit SR7-8x
Intel Pentium4 2GHz
Mushkin 512MB PC3000 DDR ram
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Liteon 48x CD-R drive
IBM 120gig HD. (plus a 40gig drive I transferred from my old comp).

     NFS:HP2 MiniReview
Since I've been doing a lot of testing on my new system, I thought I'd start some minireviews of games my roomies and I have been playing.  First up is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2.

I must say, the car models in this game are downright impressive.  The tracks are pretty cool too.  It runs very smoothly on my new system, even with antialiasing on (minus a lockup here and there, but I blame my hardware) -- looks great. :)

The gameplay is pretty fun too.  I can't say how realistic the handling is because I've never actually driven any of those cars, much less driven them at 140+mph. I used the z-axis on my joystick for steering and my nostromo speedpad for gas and gears.  It doesn't seem as if the manual transmission gives you much of an advantage.  I raced all the championships in manual, but I got basically the same lap times racing the maps in automatic.  I abused the cars in manual mode though, so it was all good, "Who needs breaks when you can DOWNSHIFT!" <engine whine>.  The damage is obviously unrealistic, but who wants realistic damage anyway?  I like being able to continue the race after smashing into a wall or doing some insane thing like this. :)

The sound is cool as well.  It's fun to honk the horn while driving through tunnels (this may only work with a 3D accelerated sound card).  The only thing that really bugs me about this game (other than the lockups) is the fact that the menu is in a different resolution than the game.  That's a little pet peeve of mine.  I hate the sound of my monitor switching resolutions.  I could do without the intro videos and unnecessary number of keystrokes to get past all that stuff too.  Overall, though, I give it a big thumbs up.  I recommend driving in first person with some type of analog (joystick, wheel, etc.) controller.

     Battlefield 1942 MiniReview
This was one of the reasons I got my new computer.  Of course, by the time I got my new computer WORKING, the newness of it had died down, so I feel like I kinda missed out on that.  It was fun watching people get run over by a jeep and carried halfway across the map while their arms flailed about though.  When I got my computer stabilized, I had to change renderer.allowAllRefreshRates to 1 in Settings\VideoDefault.con before it Battlefield would work.  That seems rather odd.  I think it should default to 1.  Why should the game care what refresh rate you use?  Anyway, when I got it all working, I took to the air with my roommate.  It's insanely easy to fly in that game (with a z-axis joystick anyway).  It's not realistic, but that's ok since it's supposed to be fun.  There's nothing quite as satisfying as zooming over a large group of people, dropping bombs, and watching the entire message list fill up with people you've blown up. :D  Well -- perhaps that's on the same level as seeing the list fill up with people you've just run over with a tank.  The cool thing about that game is the variety -- planes, boats, tanks, snipers, bazookas, etc.  The game is definitely oriented toward fun gameplay.

On to the stuff I dislike about it -- you have to have a beast of a system to run a server with bots, and if the server lags EVERYONE lags.  I think the client side code should at least allow the players to control their movement if there's a lack of data from the server so you don't crash your plane into a building whenever the server hiccups.  I'm guessing that network code would make it really hard for modem players.  I could be wrong though.

Another thing I don't like is the lack of smooth transitions into vehicles and the like.  Either you're in or you're out.  There's no in between.  The player animations also seem kind of stiff and off balance, and the game in general is a little glitchy/buggy like it was released a bit prematurely. 

Overall: Thumbs up on the gameplay.  I just wish I had more time to play it. :)

     UT2003 MiniReview
Somehow I was expecting something... more.  Don't get me wrong; the graphics are really impressive, but that's about the only thing it has that's new.  As far as gameplay goes, it feels like just another first person shooter.  I guess that's what it was designed to be.  It's fun, but in all honesty I think I'd rather play Quake2 deathmatch (maybe because I'm just used to the movement in Quake2).

This game is almost entirely dependant on the CPU.  It's even playable on a Geforce1 if you have a fast enough CPU.  If your CPU is lacking, however, it doesn't matter how powerful your video card is -- it's still going to be sluggish.

One thing, other than the graphics, that I really like about UT2003 is the skeletal deformation. It makes it fun just to repeatedly suicide on maps like DM-Gael.  About as fun as the stair dismount game. :)

Overall: Great graphics.  It looks like it'll be a nice engine for mods.

     Jackass the Movie MiniReview
LOL!  Ouch!  Eww.

     Doom III Alpha MiniReview
Just kidding. :)

     ATi RefreshFix
Last update I posted a link to a tool fixing the WinXP refresh rate issue on nVidia cards.  Now here's one for ATi cards.  Away with the evil 60Hz!

     Random Thought
"I have patience; I just don't have time."

     Malfunction of the Moment
This is an odd one (aren't they all).  I opened up a file in notepad, and some of the lines were in a different sized font.  I've only seen it do this with Terminal size 6 font, but it's consistent.  Every time I open the file, the font is smaller on the same lines.  Here's a screenshot:

Notepad w/variable fonts?

      Spam of the Second
"No Matter What The Problem Is!"

What if it's spam?

    Link o' the Day
Learn your ABC's.

     Finally!  An Update!
I've been meaning to update for quite a while now, but things keep happening.  Last week my grandmother decided to take advantage of her one-way ticket to heaven.  In a way I'm glad because she sure was miserable sitting around and waiting at the train station.  At last I have made an update though, and I have lots of little goodies for you all to rest your beady eyes upon!

     New Anime
These pictures were actually up for a while.  I started updating and never got around to posting the news, but check the Art/Anime section for some new pics.

     New Digital Art
Check out the Art/Computer Graphics section -- some new stuff there too.

I finally have a job now, after weeks of searching.  I'm working at a real estate office turning their database into an up-to-date-abase.  It's pretty crazy how much some of these houses sell for.  I see something like "$4500000" and think "450k, that sounds reasonable," but then I look closer and realize there's another digit!  I feel so poor.  Somebody drop money into my PayPal acct. or something. ;)

     New Surf Board!
That's right! I got a new surf board... SurfBoard cablemodem, that is.  I switched ISP's because the DSL provided in my area was horrible.  Really, really bad.  Like... 56k-might-be-better bad.  Unfortunately, the only other "high-speed" provider here is Adelphia, so once they go under, I might just be SOL.

The new Mozilla is really nice.  It's fast and has some pretty cool features, such as tabbed browsing (similar to Opera), popup disabling, image blocking, and custom skins (I use the LittleMozilla skin -- lots of browsing space).  Too bad it doesn't hav spel cheker in teh compozer.

     NVRefresh Tool
I just thought I'd spread the word: You know that bug in WindowsXP/2000 where games and such revert to 60hz?  If not, do you wonder why you have severe headaches after playng fullscreen games for a while?  Well, there used to be an easy way to hack the nVidia drivers so they wouldn't use the lower refresh rates.  Unfortunately the drivers changed and now it's not as easy, but there's a nice little tool that does it for you! :)  NVRefresh Tool.  Yay, no more switching between vid modes when running games! (except for in Half-Life, bucause it sucks).

     Random Thought
"I love talking to myself. I can actually make sense of what I'm saying."

     Malfunction of the Moment
Windows 98.  That pretty much sums it up.  I had forgotten how bad it really was,  "*crash*  Hmm, let's try that again. *crash* Ok, reboot. *crash* ... *cras*cr*cra*crash*  *crash* *lockup*  Ugh, reset... *ding* *crash* *crash*  Reboot again... *cra*cr*cra*crash* *crash* Reboot again.  *lockup* Reboot. *lock* Reboot.  Yes!  It ran!  Now to get something done... *crash* #$^@#%!$#^#$^!@$#^!!!!!"

     Spam of the Second
Klez sucks.

A couple days:

Status: Receiving: message 218 of 578
A couple weeks:
Status: Receiving: message 5 of 3949
...and of course there were no actual valid emails.  I've quit checking that account pretty much.  If you wish to contact me, send an email to jitspoe at planetquake dot com (I'm NEVER putting my email address directly on anything anymore!)    Link o' the Day
"Two Idiots.  One Camera.  Good Times. -  KeithandMike.com"  I know some pretty crazy people online (Mike plays Paintball II, or at least he pretends to and hangs out on IRC 'n stuff).  Check out the adventures section under pictures.  Funny stuff.  Some of the videos are really funny too.
     Christ is Risen!
Well, there's not anything more newsworthy than that! :)

     Paintball II v2.0 in the Works
As you can see, I haven't updated this page much at all lately.  That's because now that the Quake2 source is out, I've been working on a new version of Paintball II which will be a standalone game, and thus I've had to redo from scratch everything that was based on quake2 data.  I'm also redoing all the textures in 24bit.  Lots of cool stuff on the way, so if you want to find out what I'm doing, check out the Digital Paint website.

     Random Thought
"Pancakes are good, but uncooked pancakes are batter."

     Malfunction of the Moment
I was using XP's built in zip program and tried to extract some files.  It kindly informed me of the problem that "The file exists."  That's nice, now why don't you extract it?!

     Spam of the Second
"You can meet your WIFE here!!"  My wife? *gasp*  I didn't know I had a wife!

    Link o' the Day
As the case mods become more and more extreme, it's harder to stand out.  This, however, stood out.  (I just wonder how long it will be before the thing melts/burns).

     Happy New Year!
I just met my new years resolution by updating this page at least once this year.  Heh, just kidding.  Funny.  I don't have a 2002 graphic for the date stamp thingie. I thought I made plenty of those.  *sigh* Guess that's a sign that I need to come up with a new design.

     This Oughta Brighten Your Day... err, Game
Ok, I've finally "completed" my brightness/autobrightness patch for quake2.  What am I saying.  It's not done, but it's distributable, and since it's GPL'd, hopefully someone else will finish it. :)  Actually, it works OK.  About as well as can be expected, but I've been up all night and what not and can't make sense of what I'm saying (or typing).  This is an original idea of mine.  It wasn't even influenced by Homer Simpson.  Riiiight.  Anyway.  I'm too lazy to make a separate page for it, so you're just gonna have to grab the file here.  The modified source files, exe, dll, and a picture of a chick with big knockers are included.  Enjoy!

     Random Thought
"I wonder how long it would take to code Quake on punch cards."  (Note: I thought of this long before seeing this comic, odd timing though).

     Malfunction of the Moment
This is a good one.  For those of you who think I'm stupid for what I've done leading to the demise of several pieces of hardware, etc.  I crashed something that has only 1 button: on/off (Indeed, something only a true master of hardware catastrophe can do).  I was trying to tune my mom's harp with this little QWiK TUNE hands-free tuning device, and the mark just sorta stopped a few notches above the F (normally it resets).  I waited.  It stayed there.  I plucked the string again.  It stayed there.  I plucked another string.  It stayed there.  I pressed the one button.  It stayed there.  I tickled it on its nonexistent belly button.  It stayed there.  I popped the battery out.  HAH! It didn't see that one coming!

     Spam of the Second
"Is this what you wanted?"  No, it's not.  Argh! go away!

    Link o' the Day
There are some people as strange as me.  Haha! just kidding, but mycathatesyou.com is rather amusing (check out the cat named Elvis).

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