I'm 22 Now

     Paintball 2 Alpha Build 6
Yeah, I said I'd be updating this site more, but I've spent almost all of my free time working on Paintball2.

     Random Thought
"There are some things I just can't live without, and myself is one of them."

     Malfunction of the Moment
I had another encounter with what I like to call the "mystery folder."  It's just a blank "folder" that shows up in the task bar, and when you click on it, everything goes grey.

     Spam of the Second
"Your Miracle Fat Burner is Here"  Awesome!  I can't wait to burn some Miracle Fat!

    Link o' the Day
Eric conveys an emotion.

jun -17- 2003
     I'm Alive!
My news updates are getting further and further apart.  Sorry about that.  I really do have a ton of content to put up, or at least a ton of things I've started doing but haven't finished yet.  Iíve been caught up in the infamous ďreal life,Ē as they call it: school projects and attempts to understand members of the opposite sex (word of advice: donít even bother trying.  Females were created to balance out logic. It's like the careful balance of good vs. evil; logic vs. female).  Um, Iíd better stay away from that topic.  No offense intended to any females reading this, but some things just donít make sense to me, and thatís one of them!

     New Anime Drawings
Browsing the MegaTokyo forums has inspired me to draw some stuff.  I have a color version of the Midori sketch I did (a character from Fistful of Benevolence), but that's going to be the POTW next update.  There WILL be another update soon.  I have like 50 new drawings to add -- actually closer to 70 new drawings (did I mention last semester was busy?), but I won't be adding all of them.  I need to make a traditional art section to put them all in.

     Matrix: Reloaded MiniReview
Aside from the sex/dance scene (really, that was completely unnecessary), I thought it was great, especially when Neo hit a few grand slams using a ball named Smith.  But you should already know how it is, because you have seen it, RIGHT?!

     Animatrix MiniReview
I guess not everyone has seen this yet, so I'll explain it.  It's basically several short films done with a wide variety of animation styles, from nearly photo-realistic 3D renderings (by the same people that did the Final Fantasy movie) to extremely exaggerated human forms (by the guy who worked on Aeon Flux and, ironically enough, Rugrats).  I think my favorite short was about a ďhaunted houseĒ Ė basically an area where data in the Matrix got corrupted, I assume, and some kids play around, floating in the air, breaking things and ďrewindingĒ the effect, etc.  It reminded me of .hack//sign.  .hack and The Matrix really have a lot in common, actually, but I hadnít thought about it much until now.

     Need a Job...
Well, itís summer now, and as a college student, this apparently means that I am required to have a job, or so the Ďrents seem to think.  Iím rather enjoying having time to work on my OWN projects, though having too much fun makes time pass by all the faster.  Like I should probably be going to bed now.  Itís been light outside for quite a while.  Shoot, what time is it?  What DAY is it?  Aww, man, another week has gone by already.  Ahem, well, I do need to get my foot in the door somewhere for long-term employment here soon since Iíll be graduating in December (hopefully with a 4.0)!

     Paintball2 is Standalone and Relocated
Yup, no more need for Quake2 anymore.  Itís its own game; complete with tons of engine enhancements (this is the primary reason why I havenít been updating my own site very much).  A new alpha will be released shortly.  Also the site has been moved to http://www.planetquake.com/digitalpaint/ since captured.com is no more.  Iím also working on a new design.  You can take a couple sneak peeks here and here (dig the streamlined, scripted html source).  These links may not be active very long.

     Random Thought
"I'm not skinny; I'm small-boned!"

     Malfunction of the Moment
This is something only I would find.  Windows Explorer: In the thumbnail view, if you arrange the icons by name, move the files out of order, click on a file, then shift-click on a proceeding file with a lower lexicographical value (should have been placed before the file you first selected), the first file will be deselected and the second will be selected.  (it's supposed to select the first, last, and all those in-between).  You can then shift-click on a proceeding filename that has a higher value, and it will select properly as well as select the files it should have selected before.

Raise your hand if you understood that. :)

     Spam of the Second
"Get dating today - It's fun, anonymous and FREE"

Hah, what's the point of dating if it's anonymous? 
"So I went out on a date last night." 
"Oh yeah, with who?" 
"I don't know, actually..." 
It's also not free!

    Link o' the Day
Today it's a history lesson: The History of the Internet.

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