Hrm, it looks like Floyd is a category 5 and heading toward Florida.  If it hits florida, it'll have winds that hit us on hilton head with the force of a category 2 hurricane.  Category 2's cause waves 20 feet high.  The highest point on the island is 18 feet.  That would be a bad thing...   If it turns north like they normally do, we'll get even more wind, maybe even a direct hit.  That's a worse thing.  Andrew was a category 4 hurricane just to give you an idea - this is worse.  There's a mandatory evacuation tomorrow, so I'll be gone for a while and if the island's no longer exists when I return, I'll be gone for a while longer.  Oh, and if Floyd doesn't leave that much destroyed, Gert's gonna come and throw some dirt.  (Don't you just love these names? :)  On the brighter side, I don't have to go to school tomorrow! :)

     Link of the Day
Here's a little gift from me to you... well, not really, but I got somethin' for yuh.

     Back To School
Ick, those evil words of impending doom.  What cruel fate life hath brought upon us once again.  Ever wonder what advertisement companies were smoking when they put those words I will only utter from my fingers once in this update on things?  I mean, the last thing I want is to be reminded that my joyous period of freedom is about to be terminated.  I guess it must be aimed toward the parents 'cuz when I see it, that crap is goin' in the trash!  "Evil! Evil!  Get away!"  Yesterday was my first day - we started 3 weeks later than normal so some new school could be built and they'd all be on the same schedule.  Of course, that didn't happen, but hey, I'm glad for the extended time.  I got the whole "I totally don't belong here" feeling as I was being surrounded by puny mortals instead of my trusty, all-knowing, all-understanding, all-crashing, all-falling-apart, allmost-all-old hunk of scrap metal excuse for a computer... actually, it's pretty nice after the last upgrade. :)  Anyway, the new tuck-your-shirt-in dress code looks like it'll be a total flop as 90+% of the kids didn't tuck their shirts in the first day, and even more the second.  Vive la résistance!  Ok, enough ranting... I'm sure your own soul-destroying, demoralizing, brain degrading experience is enough... and I've gotta do homework :\

     Link of the Day
Today's link of the day goes to the Microsoft Linux Home.  I'm sure a few of you fellow computer nerds will find this a bit humorous.  If it's all geek to you, don't worry about it.  Just beware of geeks bearing GIFs. ;)

     Photoshop Texture Tutorial
Ok, I've put together a Photoshop version of the Paint Shop Pro texture making tutorial.  This is an easy to follow tutorial for beginners.  Check it out in the Tools/Tips section.

     Link of the Day
Today's link of the day goes to the FatKid Network.  If you have FLASH, this is a nice way to amuse yourself.

     I'm Licensed!
Welp, I finally got around to taking the road test and getting my license today (two days before my permit expired).  I wasn't really prepared - thought I'd just go in and renew my permit for the time being, but the DMV (amazingly) wasn't busy, and I didn't have to have an appointment to take the test, so I went ahead and did it.  I think I might have been a little bit nervous.  Either that or it was the big bean burrito I ate for dinner last night.  I'm still not quite sure, but hey, I passed.  The only thing I messed up on was parallel parking <rant>yeah, like we have a whole lot of places I'd need to parallel park here...</rant> which I hadn't practiced in uhh... a year or so.  Now I just need a car... anyone got an old junker?  I do accept donations. ;)

Turns out I didn't change the link for the RAWscape download when I moved the site over to PQ.  Big "muh bad" on my part.  It's fixed now.  Things could have been worse, though.  I'm surprised the move went this smooth.

     New Tutorial
I put together a really basic tutorial for creating Quake2 textures with Paint Shop Pro 5.  I'll make one for Photoshop as well, soon.  Check it out in the Tools / Tips section.

     Link O' The Day
I'm sure you've seen plenty of interesting things on eBay, but here's another one: "Partially Eaten Bag Of Fritos."  The minimum bid is currently only $10,000,100 too!

     Back on Track
Ok, sorry for the little lack of updates and that long period of time with a bunch of broken links.  The way my home network is set up, it requires me to FTP to servers using PASV mode.  This no longer worked, for some reason, when PlanetQuake set up their redundant servers.  They were working on fixing it, but I just went ahead and got a different proxy program and told 'em to forget it.  There shouldn't be any more broken links now (besides the image displaying cgi).  I've also removed the Q3A editing tutorials and files until the final Q3 comes out.  They violate the agreement I didn't read :}  I've got a couple more non-q3 tutorials in the works, so I can make that section look a little less bare here soon.

     Hard Drives Mounted
As I mention earlier, I had two loose hard drives, so I decided to mount them.  <rant>I've had enough jerry-rigged crap that you touch and it blows up!</rant>  A few hours, a lot of sweat, and a hacksaw later, the "surgery" was complete.  <rant>Shoulda gotten a bigger case so I wouldn't have had to use the hacksaw method, ahh well.</rant>  Those hard drives ain't goin' nowhere!  This motherboard is really nice - I can hook up 8 IDE drives to it.  Now I can have all 4 of my puny hard drives AND my 8x CD-ROM drive all plugged in at once!  The only thing I don't like about this mobo is that, uhh... it seems one of the PCI slots just died for no apparent reason.  Anything I plug into it just plain doesn't work.  <rant>WTY?  Is it not possible for me to get a product without a defect or something?!?!</rant>  I should prolly send it back, but I don't wanna go through the hassle.  I think I'll wait 'till just before the warranty runs out or until I need all the PCI slots (whichever comes first) and send it back.

     LAN Party
Welp, the lan party was fun (as usual).  Unfortunately werspider couldn't get the new Q3Test to install, but Ashere, Wyvern, and I had fun playing it for a little while.  I could actually play!  No more of that 6fps-shooting-rockets-into-walls crap.  My dual 400mhz celerons o/c'd to 500MHz held up quite nicely.  80+fps was not uncommon, and it stayed above 50 during firefights (just a little above my 6-7 fps before).  A couple days later, stuff like Q3 kept crashing, so I had to clock back to 450MHz.  It's still quite nice :)

     New System (Installation)
Welp, either that email sent acknowledging my order was late or the shipping was REALLY fast.  I got my case in yesterday morning.  It's a pretty nice case 'cept for the fact that there isn't much room for expansion in the way of drives.  I've got 2 HD's just sitting loose in there.  I need to get some mounts to fit them in the 5 1/4 slots.  Everything went smooth in the installation, though it's fairly time consuming moving EVERYTHING into a new case.

Unfortunately I had to reinstall WinNT to get it to use 2 CPU's.  That's when the trouble started.  The install disks corrupted <rant>I hate floppy disks, they just plain suck.  For me they tend to have a failure rate at least as high as their success rate</rant>, so I just booted off the CD and did an "upgrade."  All was going well...  It rebooted to finish the install from within windows and... yay, the lovely Blue Screen Of Death (tm).  The Windows NT BSOD is much prettier than the ones in Win9x.  Instead of just display a simple message that more or less means "You're screwed.  Reboot."  it fills the screen with beautiful HEX code... 0000002FxCRAP-SOMETHIN... 00000 034FF3 ..... I don't remember exactly what it said, but I think it roughly translates to "YOU'RE SCREWED" and a reboot didn't fix it.

I figured maybe the install just borked and reinstalling it would fix it.  Nope.  One more shot.... 3rd time's the charm.  Ok, maybe not.  My friend made some comment about a proverb that went something like "One who keeps trying the same thing expecting a different result is insane," and then proceeded to accuse me of being insane.  He's probably right.

To make a fairly medium-sided story short.  I cleaned out the old NT and did a fresh install, and... hey! it worked!  All my settings are gone, but I can use both CPUs.  It's kinda nice.  My start menu isn't cluttered with a bunch of crap, and my computer is quite fast.

     New System (How it Runs)
I'm not sure how well my system would have done at 400MHz...  My overclocking-obsessed friend got it up to 500MHz and it's been running pretty nice.  It's more stable than my old k6 233 so far <rant>that thing randomly crashed like 2 times a day</rant> and just a little faster (sarcasm).

I have a new respect for Q3:A.  I get higher framerates in it than in Q2.  I can stay above 50 with trilenear filtering on and high geometric detail and all that crap.... it's so pretty :)  If I set everything down, I can maintain almost a constant 100fps.  I have a lan party in a few minutes here.  We shall see how it goes :))

     Move to PlanetQuake.
Hey, I'm here.  This site is going to be game oriented now.  As you've probably noticed, the links to the left are different from my old site.  I also chanced the title (Thanks to Fembo+ for suggesting the name I knew I wanted but couldn't think of:).  I'm working on arranging everything so it fits in the categories right.  If you get some 404's (or D'ohs), just hang in there. I'm getting to 'em :).  Thanks to Yogi and Lowtax (and whoever else at PQ was involved) for helping me move.

     The Good
My dual 400mhz Celeron motherboard and chips came in yesterday.

     The Bad
I Don't have a PS/2 keyboard.

     The Ugly
The company I ordered my ATX case from has just acknowledged my order today.  They haven't even SENT it yet.  I ordered it last week at the same time as the mobo.  I also paid twice as much for the shipping.  Ugh.

     Links O' The Day...
Non-porn pr0n links -- Yeah, the net's full of pr0n, but not all of it has naked women.  The first link goes to  There's nothing of value there, but I thought it was kinda funny that it wasn't a pr0n site.  Second link goes to PlanetQuake's pr0n site.  Uhh, don't ask.  Here's a pr0n comic that's mildly amusing.  Last but not least, Pete's Palace O' Pr0n.  It's some guys home page or something, heh... check out the freak show under the... uhh... warm place.  That guy is WAY too flexible.  NOTE: These sites weren't found while looking for pics of naked women (or men, *shudder*).

     Move to PlanetQuake?
I'm planning to move this site to Planetquake and gear it more towards gaming.  After all, the gaming section IS the largest part of this site :)  I've emailed the PQ guys about it...  We'll see what happens.

     Upgrade on the Way
Welp, I finally broke the piggy bank and ordered myself a dual Celeron 400MHz mobo/chips and a new ATX case to put it in (yes, I run NT.  Yes, the shoebox idea was considered, but that doesn't work as well for a computer being dragged around to LAN parties as it does for a stationary "dedicated server").  It cost around $370 for everything (including shipping).  <rant>If only I could get a nice connection to go with it.  Heck, even an "average" connection would be nice.  I have the "best" dialup connection in the area, and frankly, it sucks.  Non-local AOL is better.</rant>

     Newt Croaked
Minute (pronounced My Newt) died :(  Usually he makes strange chirping noises, but he just croaked this time, so I gave him the appropriate funeral and burial service... ***Fluuusshhh***  I think I'll get a new one and call him Minewnute.

     Links O' The Day...
Yes, It's time for the most uselessest part of this site - strange things I've picked up from the Weird Wild Web.  The first link goes to CD Cover Central.  Didn't you always want to be able to find thousands of scanned in cd covers on one site?!  Well here you have it!  Ever wonder what the cover of that game you warezed looked like?  You don't have to wonder any more!  You don't even have to buy the game to find out!  Um, but like, you should.... heh... anyway...

Link nuuuumber two! *said in that high-low-high game show host/announcer voice*  This is for all you Tenchi Muyo! fans out there -- The Rejected Tenchi Muyo! Timelines.  Some of them are pretty funny.  I personally like the idea of Ryo-Ohki-Doo. :)

Nuuuuuumber three!  GUITAR WARS.  A long time ago... yoda yadda yoy.  Check out the movie.  I found it rather amusing. :)  I believe MP3PO is capable of translating millions of different audio formats into MP3...

And now, the link you've all been waiting for!  Mr. T vs. The Matrix.  Unfortunately I can't tell you what this link is.  You have to see it for yourself.

     Good to be Back
Ahh, back from another 'lil trip.  My grandpa was getting married.  The trip started out with a bit of a rush since there was an accident on the bridge going off the island.  As soon as my dad got back from work, we threw the bags in the car and left.  Almost the whole trip to the traffic jam was behind this old fart putting along, and get this, when we reach the really slow traffic, he turns around and leaves!  Heh, the irony.

The wedding was nice.  It was an extremely informal outdoor wedding on a beautiful day just barely after the 100+ degree heat wave.  I should probably post more about it since that was the main reason we went on the trip, but it was, well, not the most exciting thing that happened, to say the least.  Oh, a slightly interesting thing happened on the trip to the hotel before the trip to the wedding.  My dad saw a hardware store named after his old room mate, and it was owned by him too, so he paid a visit.

After the wedding, we had some get-togethers with my dad's side of the family.  At the restaurant, I was the only person to eat appetizers, all of my salad, and all of my main meal.  I also had some desert (which I got free since they served me late <rant>late service is something I've gotten used to at restaurants -- seems I'm always last</rant>.  I don't know what it is with me and free deserts while we're on vacation... *shrug*).  And ppl think I don't eat...  Heh, funny how my everyday lame IRC jokes can crack RealLife(tm) ppl up... anyway... The most humorous event of that evening was when we were all hugging good-bye and stuff, and my mom hugged my dad.  They both jumped back with sort of an *eww* reaction, and my mom says, "What am I hugging you for?!"

Well, a vacation wouldn't be complete without a "fun" event, so my dad and I went off to Worlds of Fun (mainly to avoid getting dragged off shopping again with my mom:).  We rode all of the... two... functioning roller coasters.  One was down for repairs.  There was a coaster accident a few days prior to our visit.  I guess it needed a little maintenance work :).  Generally, derailing roller coasters is a sign that something needs to be fixed.  The ride that was the most amusing was  the Omegatron (there's a million different names for it, but it's the one where you swing back and forth until you're upside-down, then you do loops after long "hang times").  Someone lost a lighter on the ride before us.  It fell a good distance then exploded on contact with the cement.  There's something you don't see everyday :).  I'll have to stock up on cheap lighters next time I got to an amusement park.  Anyway, what made this ride amusing was this cup of ice game (I volunteered, of course).  They give you a cup of ice and some water, and if you keep it from spilling (without covering it with your hand), you get the cup of lost change they've been gathering.  I did well for the first couple loops, but then I started losing some ice.  I tried to catch it, but some got away, so I figured, "Bah, screw it, I lost," and decided to have some fun.  When we were vertical again (I was in the front seat), I put the cup above my head and tilted it back.  Screams, such as "Agh!  It's cold!" could be heard behind me as water splashed on peoples faces and ice went up peoples shorts.  I'm cruel, but that was TOO funny.  My dad and I were cracking up for the rest of the ride.  Every loop we'd make, another piece or two of ice would fall down.  After the ride, I avoided eye contact with people drying their faces off or emptying ice out of their clothing as we quickly made our way outta there.  Hahaha, man, I'm still laughing.

     Links O' Da Day...
Here's a little link to a cybersex log.  If that one doesn't work, try this one.  (Same log, different page).  It's quite funny -- worth the read.

For all those who think that Little Miss Muffet has a deeper meaning than that of... uhh... what it has, check out this analysis.


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