ArenaBall for Download
The paintball map I had a picture of a couple days ago can now be downloaded.  You can grab it in the files section or the gaming section under levels.

     200 Hits Reached
Yay!  The counter broke the 200 mark!  I'm glad people are showing interest in this site

     Science Fair
It appears Andy (Ashere) and I got first place for team projects in the local science fair.  We'll be going to regional next Tuesday and will hopefully do well there too.

     Anime Scan?
That's really strange...  I got the sketch scanned at school and I was SURE I uploaded it, but it appears it's not there...  Oh well.  I guess I'll just put it up tomorrow.  I need to get my home scanner fixed.  That would make things a bit easier.

     Quad Mod for Download
This is a little Q2 mod Ashere and I put together at a LAN party.  It makes the weapons four times as powerful AND fire four times as fast.  It also removes self damage.  Picture the blaster being about as powerful as a quad hyperblaster, and everything goes up from there.  I wouldn't run it on anything slower than a LAN :)  You can grab it in the files section or the gaming section.

     Link Image
I put together a little link image in case anybody wants to link to my page.  It's in the links section.

     Ugh, Everything's Due
I hate how my teachers like to have everything due on the same day.  It's usually the end of the week.  Since we have school off Friday for some reason, I've gotta do my research paper, strive essay, and prepare for a buncha tests on Thursday.

     A Couple Links
I got a couple links up form some RealLife(tm) friends.  I've got a lot more links I'm planning to put up, but I haven't gotten around to it.

     A Couple Jokes
Not much yet, but at least there's SOMETHING there now.  I'll get categories and stuff when I get some more jokes.  If you have some really funny jokes you want to send me, you can e-mail them.  I'm only going to post jokes that I find really funny.  I'd rather have a couple ROTFL jokes than a bunch of semi funny ones, so don't send any stupid ones please :)

     Anime to be Scanned
I drew a pretty nice picture of Sasami as an older girl, but the computer with the scanner at school was in use and I didn't get a chance to scan it in.  I probably won't get it scanned 'till Wednesday.  I might take this one and touch it up with color on the computer.

     Slight Site Adjustment
I made the backgrounds of the cells black so you don't have this ugly bright green background while the page is loading.  Right now it's only on the news page, but I'll do it to the rest of them soon.  I also fixed the "Pic O' The Whenever."  It used to say "Pic 'O The Whenever," which is apparently incorrect.  Happy now, Rachael? ;)

     About Section Up
It's about time I got that done ;)  The about section now has content.  Enjoy.

     An Attempt to Make "Music"
Hehe... I don't know if you'd consider it "music," but I made an attempt at... "sound?" in the .mod format.  Well, actually it's .it format, but there's so many of those formats that are all basically the same... it was one of those.  I have entitled it Quake2 Gone Insane.  It's... different :)  It was my first attempt at making music like this (and my third or fourth attempt at making music, ever), but it's amusing.  Grab it in the files section.  It'll play with winamp.

     I Get the Strangest Spam
"GET YOUR UNSECURED CREDIT CARD TODAY!" coming from an e-mail with the subject of "Ad: Need A Unsecured Credit Card?"  They can't even use basic grammar right!  I'm sure I'd feel really secure e-mailing them back :P  I would e-mail them back and tell them what idiots they are, but I'm sure all that would result in is getting on 50 more spam lists. 

     LAN and a Movie
Well, this weekend's LAN party wasn't as fun as usual.  We went over to Ryan's (Wyvern's) house and didn't really even play a full game of Half-Life.  Matti (Tak) brought a yo-yo over that he just bought and I found I could use a yo-yo a lot better than I could last time I tried (many many years ago).  Most of the house is still in one piece :)  We went and jumped on Ryan's trampoline a couple times in groups of 5 or 6... a bit more than it's designed to handle...  We also want to the movies.  Most of the group went to Cruel Intentions, but Griff and I slipped out and watched Analyze This.  It was quite amusing :)

     Links Section Started
I put a couple links up... I'll be better in a bit.

     Map Update
The map I made for pb2x's tourney now has a name (ArenaBall) and I fixed the "bug" where you could jump over the bunkers.

     No More 404's
Ok, at least there's SOMETHING up for all the links.  I had to fix this due to a large percentage of the visitors complaining ;)

     Nedstat Counter
Yay... I've got statistics on page views now... Hmm, not too many... broke the "10" mark tho :)

     New Map
Ugh, I couldn't stand it anymore. Today I shoved all my schoolwork aside and made a map. It's a very small single flag speedball map for pb2x's tourney which I think he's holding on the 10th. I don't know how laggy it'll be, but I wouldn't put too many people in it.  You can look at a picture of it here.

     Tests Suck
I had 4 of 'em today.  The calculus test was harder than usual -- too many formulas to remember.  Computer programming... well, that wasn't a big deal :)  The reading and grammar ones were just annoying.

     Arghrad 2.0 Released
W00P! Argh has just released the latest version of his Quake2 lighting program.  He took my suggestion for shading to take away the blocky polygon look of Quake2 and it turned out WAY cool.  I can't wait to test it.

     Science Fair
Heh, that was fun.  Andy and I were staying up late last night finishing a project we didn't really HAVE to do.  We do get a half credit for it though, which is kinda nice.  Ms. Howard loved it. :)

    New Scan
Got another Anime sketch scanned today.  The scanner magically decided to work today for some reason -- not that I'm complaining.

     File for Files Section
Not much, but it beats a 404 error.  I put up a Marble Madness like game for 3dfx by request from Matti.

     Science Fair
Oy! That thing is due tomorrow! Better get started!  While the majority of the students are getting to school nice and late tomorrow, we'll have to be there early to set up, ugh :P

     New Month
Ugh... March came to fast.  Science fair is due on the 3rd.  Feb. being short kinda screwed things up.

     Still No Perl
Darn... It appears this server won't allow me to write files.  This makes it a bit difficult to post news updates... I'll get it sorted out soon tho, I hope.

     Quake3 Released
Well... not really, but a pre-test version of Quake3 for hardware manufacturers to test their stuff on was apparently leaked.  I don't think Wal-Mart has it yet, though ;)

     Anime Scans Up
Yay! Finally got those wonderful little anime sketches I've been doing in my assignment notebook up.  Some of them didn't scan too well tho.  My home scanner isn't working anymore.  When I tried putting the scanner SCSI card in my computer, it caused it to continually reboot before the OS even loaded.  Needless to say, I removed it quickly.  I tried it in my parents computer -- It booted fine, but windows didn't recognize it right and I couldn't get the scanner to respond.  The one I've been using at school worked ok for a few days, but then the colors got screwed up and if I didn't scan in black and white it would come out purple.  It now also makes hideous grinding noises and sometimes the moving parts repeatedly hit against the wall until it figures out it can't go any further.  I think it needs a little more than some minor tweaking.  This is why some of the scans look worse than others.  Check em out in the "art" section.

     New SCSI Card, Headphones, and Blank CD's
(Actually yesterday's news) Since the scanner hadn't been working (see above), I grabbed a new SCSI card when I was at Best (Worst) Buy (I only got stuff there since I had a gift certificate from Christmas).  I've gotta get an adapter for it tho -- not the same plug.  I'm sure I can find a cable or adapter that will fir in one of the fifty thousand plugs in the back of that scanner tho :)  I also got some headphones: Koss TD-61.  The only nice looking pair they had there... $25, not bad.  They have a frequency response of 25-15,000 Hz -- not awesome, but... well, compared to my computer speakers, I guess they are :)  With the remainder of the money left on the gift card (have to spend it all -- no money back) I got some blank CD's since Ryan (Wyvern) just got a new CD-R/W drive.  With my limited HD space, it'll be nice to get some of the stuff off there and onto CD's.

     Page Up!
Yay! It's here! I finally got around to making a home page.  Hope ya like it

     No Perl
No perl prog set up to do the news/potw. *sigh* I'll just do manual updates for now.

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