Mo' Levels
Got a few more level descriptions and screen shots of my levels in the Gaming / Levels section.
     Levels Section Updated
Heh, wow, I'm starting to realize just how many maps I've made.  Ehh, I guess it isn't THAT many, but it's more than I thought I had.  Too many to finish that section in a couple days :)  Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow.  I've got at least 5 more to add.  I've got screen shots and descriptions for a few now, tho, in the Gaming / Levels section.

     Webdog Submission
Well, this isn't a 100% gaming site, but I'm a hardcore gamer/developer, and there's a lot of useful gaming stuff here, so hopefully my submission will be accepted.  Webdog's a program that checks gaming sites and .plans for updates.  I tend to think of this site as a really advanced, graphical .plan ;)

     News Archived
I finally got around to making the news archive graphics and archiving the news.  This page was getting rather large and it's a pain to load large pages, so I'm archiving in increments of 10.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on one of the links if ya wanna check out the old news.

     Stingray and Trracer Finished
I've finally gotten around to finishing the skins on the Stingray and Trracer v_models.  You can check out pics here and here.  They'll be in the next release of Paintball2.

     'Nother Anime Sketch
This one was a request... What better to request than a cabbit?  (A cabbit's a cat-rabbit combo.  This one, Ryo-Ohki, is also a space ship.  If you haven't seen Tenchi Muyo!, don't ask :)  It's in the Art / Anime section.

     School Stuff
Looks like a missed a couple things when I was scanning, plus I won another strive contest, so there's some more certificates and awards in the School section (which perhaps shouldn't be existent, but hey, it'll make a nice resume... wonder where last year's stuff went... I could really fill it up ;)

     More Anime Sketches
I sketched a couple more Anime pics.  I even attempted making myself an Anime character. :)  They're in the Art | Anime section, as always.

     A Better Attempt at Music
Well, I actually tried to make a song this time... with real instruments (unlike q2insane.it which was, well... :)  You can grab jit2a.mp3 (gotta love the name, eh :) in the Files section.

     New Map
I should probably finish the models before I start on a new paintball map, but hey, I've got a lot of cool ideas for it.  Hopefully I can get my terrain program working right and use it to do the outdoor areas.  You can look at a screenshot of it so far here.

     School Stuff
I put some awards and stuff to fill the void that was in the School section.  Why do I even have a school section on my page?  Good question... when I think of a good answer, I'll tell you :)

     Colored Anime
I colored in another one of my sketches: Cho.  It took about three hours.  It's a good thing I'm not trying to make an Anime show here... it would take me years ;)

     New SLIDE Times
I'm down to 14.4 secs on SLIDE4 and 18.0 secs on SLIDE1, but I haven't beaten the records on those maps yet :\

     S-L-I-D-E Tables Up
Argh! and I have been competing quite a bit for the fastest time on TechSlider.  We both eventually ended up with 14.8 secs (but I think my demo is a little more creative ;).  The rest of the maps are pretty easy to rank in (for now), so just about any time will get you on the table for a little while.  The SLIDE record table is in the Gaming | Slide section of this page.  If you've got a fast time, record a demo of it and send it to me.  I'll try and get the new demos and times up ASAP.

     RAWscape Update
Welp, I didn't get everything done I had hoped to on the RAWscape program, but as you can see from this picture, it's coming along nicely.  Combined with Argh's lighting program (Arghrad), it has some pretty realistic effects.  It's still got its bugs tho.  You can see where it gets cut off in the top corners of the picture.  Since this is my spring break and I didn't bring the source home, I won't be working on it again 'till next week.

     College Visits
I went down to Atlanta to check out Georgia Tech, and then visited Clemson on my way back.  I'm obviously interested in the computer science stuff, which both schools are well known for.  Georgia Tech sounds like a better choice for name and reputation, but if I was going to base my decision entirely on the visit, I'd pick Clemson.  They both seemed about equally equipped as far as computers go -- lots of SGI's, etc., but there was a big difference in the faculty.  The people at GA Tech were too busy to help, and some of them were, to be blunt, arses.  This visit was sorta planned via email, and it didn't turn out well.  The faculty at Clemson, on the other hand, was very friendly and helpful.  People would stop what they were doing to help out and give me a tour and show me all cool classes and stuff.  I also got to talk to a few of the teachers.  Before I hadn't really considered Clemson that highly, but now it looks pretty cool... *sigh*  Picking a college isn't easy :\

     Computer Geek + Sun = Red Computer Geek
My parents had me help them paint the boat this weekend.  Fun :P  Needless to say, I got a little toasted.  Some things just aren't meant to be mixed (like geeks and the outdoors :)

Welp, it appears Gensurf came out during the time I was working on this and does basically the same thing, but oh well.  I've pretty much completed the basics of a program to convert greyscale .raw image files into landscapes.  It works something like the Terragen program, only it builds Quake2 format .map files.  It was basically just something to do during my computer programming class.  We had to do a project, so I made something useful. :)  If nobody uses it tho, that's ok too. :)  I'm going to put some finishing touches on it tomorrow and It'll probably be available tomorrow or the day after.

Slide's a pretty cool hover board mod for Quake1.  I've been having fun with it lately making some record times, but the guy who keeps the "official" score page is either dead or a little slow to update, so I threw up my own little section for my fastest times. :)  Check it out in the Gaming | Slide section.  If you make some record times, send 'em to me (along with a demo) and maybe I'll make a big table with the top rankers on each map.

     Happy Easter!
Happy Easter to all of you out there who are reading this! :)

     New Sketch
I haven't done many sketches lately, so I did one today while I waited for Easter dinner to cook.  It's Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo!  It's in the Art | Anime section with the rest of the sketches.

     Back Online
Ahh... feels good to be back :)  I finally got a router to work, and hopefully I won't be having these problems anymore.

     TI-89, Baby!
Woohoo!  I got a TI-89 last Wednesday. :)  It's pretty cool.  The calculator section on the AP Calculus exam should be a breeze now :)

     Sky Tutorial
The Gaming | Tools 'n Tips section is now in business! :)  I wrote a tutorial for building skies with Terragen and put together a couple links for useful tools I've used.  I've got plenty more I plan to put up there when I get around to it, so keep an eye out :)

     Sick and Netless
Hmm... I'm not sure what's worse: being sick, or not having internet access on your computer... but hey! why not throw 'em both in at the same time?  No routers seem to want to work, so I have to use my parents' computer when I want to get on the net, and I've come down with a bit of a cold, so I haven't done much but sleep lately.

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