Happy New Year and Stuff...
Heh, I bet the Y2K survivalists are feeling pretty dumb right now :)  Kinda disappointing... It's not every day that you get to see the end of the world, but *sigh* nothing happened, and I still had to go back to school :\  Anyway.  I had a good time - hope everyone else did too.

     New Tutorial
I put together a tutorial for any game developers out there using the Genesis3D engine.  It tells you how to make a Genesis3D level with a Quake2 level editor (keeping texture info and stuff).  Check it out in the Tools/Tips section.

     Random Thought
"I am lying." - Ok, if that's true, then I'm not lying.  If it's false, then it would mean I was lying which would mean that it's true... but if it's true, then it's false, which would mean the falsity of the true statement would be true, and thus the make it false... or something... here, how about this one "I am tired."  It just now changed to Jan. 7 and I haven't started my homework yet... Ugh.

     Link o' the Day
Hmm... searching for "evil world domination conspiracy" at Google... guess what the first thing to come up is?!

     Merry Christmas!
Yeah, sorry, I'm a little late with this update, but I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Mine went quite well.  I got a geforce (Annihilator Pro) which is backordered, but should be here in a few days, a 10/100 5-port switch (now I just need to get some 100mb cards to go with it - this should speed up LAN connections big time), and a bunch of golf stuff.  Golf isn't really my thing.  I've only played a couple times, but I guess it's a good skill to learn just in case I get rich and famous - seems that's a requirement for rich and famous people to do. ;)

     Q3Radiant Released
Yeah, kinda old news, but if you want to make Quake3 maps, and haven't grabbed the tools yet, you can get them off of the official Quake3Radiant page.

     Skinning Tutorial
I put together a skinning tutorial for a fellow game developer.  It's not the standard method of skinning, as there are multiple skins per model rather than just one, but it might come in useful for some people, so if you need to do multiple skins on a model, check it out in the Tools/Tips section.

     Link o' the Day
SASS - The speak and spell simulator for windows.  I don't think this needs any explanation.  Just check it out. :)

     Quake 3: Arena
MMM.... pretty.  Quake3 is out, and I must say, I'm quite impressed by the engine and graphics in it.  Some of the metallic and water effects really make the game come to life.  I set the bots on easy skill and just went through the whole game and ooh/ahh'd :)  Did you know it takes exactly 400 frags to beat Q3A in single player?  There should be some really nice mods, maps, and player models coming out for it.  It's just begging to be edited.  Hmm, I guess now that it's released, I can put some of the Q3A tutorials I made back when the demo came out back up.  They're in the Tools/Tips section.  I've also got a couple quickie HUD numbers in the Gfx/Models section.

     Wild Wild Week
I had my first full day of school this week.  On Monday and Tuesday, I was at the South Carolina Junior Science and Humanities Symposium.  Andy and I submitted papers but weren't chosen to present.  It was still fun watching though.  A number of students would talk about their research projects and there were some guest speakers as well.  The highlight of the trip was when Mrs. McNulty (the teacher that brought us since Mrs. Howard couldn't afford to miss any more school) broke her chair.  We were in a movie theater type layout.  The seats were just like those in movie theaters and there was a big screen in the center where a projector could be used for the presentations.  In the middle of one of the student's presentations, I hear this *BANG!* and glance over to see Mrs. McNulty sitting on the floor.  It took a second to register since I had never heard of one of those types of seats breaking.  When I glanced again, I could clearly see the seat was broken and Mrs. McNulty jumped up and sat down in a different seat.  She was trying so hard not to laugh.  At that point, I could hardly hold it in.  I was about to bust out laughing and had to cover my mouth and pinch my nose.  It's one of those things that wouldn't be nearly as funny if it was in a situation where you could laugh.  Andy was doing a really good job of holding it in until he looked over at me.  My face was starting to change colors as I hadn't been breathing while trying to hold the laughter in.  Then he almost slipped and had to grab his nose as well.  After a while, I could finally control myself and breathe again, then I looked over... there was that broken seat just sitting there.  Needless to say, I didn't get anything out of that presentation.

On Wednesday, we returned to school, which always sucks after an extended weekend.  Especially when you have extra makeup work to do.  It turned out to be a rather, um... unusual day, though.  During second period, we had to evacuate the building because of a bomb threat, which was apparently called in before school even started.  Why they continued to have school that day I don't know.  After hanging out in the stadium for a while, we went back to class for what was supposed to be a full 3rd period.  Andy and I went with Mrs. Howard's Environmental Science class on a field trip (even though we aren't technically in that class).  We were in a hurry to get back in time for fourth period.  When we drove in the parking lot, it was empty... hmm, something's wrong with this picture.  Oh well, at least we didn't have to worry about being late for 4th.  Another bomb threat had been called in and all the students were just sent home.  We decided to enjoy our semi-early release and went out to Andy's to jump on the trampoline where I witnessed another extremely humorous event.  I'm not sure how it happened, but somehow Griff ended up being launched horizontally through the air into Andy.  He was flying like superman.  It's extremely hard to catch your breath while laughing. :) 

Oh, yeah, I also got accepted to Clemson. *sigh* What a week.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

     Link o' the Day
Starbucks sued over alleged crushed penis.  Just when I thought people had sued for everything that could possibly happen...

     Quake 3: Arena Demo Test
Let's see, how many words can we put after Quake3?  Of course, who wants just a demo... or just a test?  Why don't we make something outstanding by combining the two?!  Heh, anyway...  I checked it out.  It's quite fun, I must say.  The bot AI is pretty good.  Even their chat AI is good.  They don't sit around yelling "I 0wn3rz j00!" after each kill, and when they talk they have to pause which makes it somewhat more realistic.  Of course, I have no moral issues about killing bots who stop to "type in" insults after they killed someone.  Once, I was getting the hang of my new friend, the railgun (If you look really closely by the crosshair, you can see the blood:), doing things like this a lot, and a bot says "I hate campers, I really do!"  I wonder if the bots learn or something (I haven't been reading up on it or anything lately, so maybe I don't know the obvious facts:).  I played the jump pad map in nightmare and had no problem beating it.  Grunt was in second with like 12 frags, so I pretty much smoked the bots.  I replayed it, and each time either I got progressively worse, or the bots got better.  I seemed to go down one place each time.  If there's one thing I've learned, though, it's that there's nothing more annoying than a bot with a machinegun.  You're always losing health, even when you can't see any bots.  All in all, it's a very nice demo, so check it out of you haven't.  I'm looking forward to the final game :)

     Siege Castle Released
I put this on the Digital Paint web site, but forgot to mention it here.  I've semiofficially released Siege Castle.  You can grab it here.

     News Archived
News for Aug. 05 - Sep. 13 has been archived.  The rest of the archives are down at the bottom of this page.

     Link o' the Day
"The Nude Suit" - what a great Christmas gift for that special loved one! ;)

     Happy Thanksgiving
Man, I haven't updated in quite a while.  RealLife(tm) has been rather busy.  I figured the least I could do was update today though, so be thankful ;).  School's been taking up most of my time.  Last week my class did "Saturday Night Live" for International Night (a yearly thing my school does for the foreign language classes).  I had a blast.  It was hilarious.  Nothing beats making a total idiot of yourself on stage. :)  "chip! chip!"*pop!* chips go flying all over the stage.

     New Map - Halfpipe
For all you hardcore Paintball 2 fans, I'm working on a new map called Halfpipe.  It gets its name from the fact that half of the map is piping :)  It's a medium-large map with a lot of paths to the flag.  Hopefully it'll play well.  I might finish it tonight.  You can take a look at it in its pre-beta stage here.

     Link o' the Day
The Matrix, Abridged.

     Interesting Background...
I was playing around with Photoshop and ended up with this.  It's rather cool for the amount of time it took to make.  It looks like lava -- Makes a great desktop background! :)  Oh, and it tiles too, so if you have you res at something higher than 1024x768, it still works nicely.

I finally got around to fixing the cgi for images so it worked on this pages new home.  The pictures in the About section are now... uhh... operational.

No Need For Sasami Cycle 2 Chapter 1 is finally out, so you might wanna check it out if you're into anime fanfics.

     Link o' the Day
The Rare Glitch Project.  Um, just go read it :)

     New Art
I never realized how amusing it is to stomp on a bar of soap while taking a shower and watch it shoot all over the bath tub.  It's almost as amusing as... err... um... never mind.  Anyway, I thought I'd actually try and make a decent piece of art with this new tablet I've got.  It turned out pretty nice, imho :)  Check it out here.

     Link o' the Day
This pretty much sums up the type of sites I usually put up here.  Sites for the easily amused.  Check out amused.com if you're easily amused...

     Long Time No Update...
Man, school takes up way too much time...  I took the SAT again, for the last time.  I doubt I did as good as I did last time though.  The proctor cut us almost a minute short on each section.  I shoulda said something, but oh well.  I'll just hope for the best.  School's been going so-so.  I've got seven essays and a pre-lab to write this weekend for AP Biology and a couple pages to translate for Spanish.  Other than school, life's been going pretty good.  I need to make some models or skins or something to put up here.  It's been a while since I've added any new files. :)

     Link o' the Day
I'm not sure how many of you have played Infocom text adventure games (like Zork), but even if you haven't, this page is pretty amusing: The Infocom Bugs List has a list of tons of bugs for each of the Infocom games and what version they occur in.  Most of them are pretty funny. :)

     I'm 18 Now
That's right, I've just crossed the line between being a kid and an adult.  I feel stronger, more intelligent, and I have this strange pain in my stomach...  I don't think any of it has to do with turning 18, but well... hrm, I couldn't find much else different :)

     Link of the Day
Here's a site for the easily amused:  Make your browser window as small as possible, then check out www.dookie.com.

     I'm Back...
Actually I've been back a couple days now.  Fortunately Floyd didn't do any damage to the house, however, the two trees that were once in my back yard are no longer there.  One was rather large - that was a fun 1 day + project... even with a chain saw.  About the only thing I did while away was watch Wild Wild West which was... ok.  It wasn't as good as the previews made it look, but it wasn't as bad as everyone made it sound.  It was only $1 to go see it, so I can't complain.  Sadly the movie theater was nicer than the one around here that costs like $7 *cough*ripoff*cough*.

Hmm, not a whole lot going on.  I managed to free up enough space to install Win98 so I could use DX, which went a lot smoother than stuff like that normally does for me (which isn't incredibly smooth, but I still have the majority of my data still on my drives).  I'm working on a 'lil piece of art just to see if I can.  You can take a peek at it so far here.  Ignore the blue stuff.  It's transparent.  It'll be background (The Edge) when I'm done.

     Link of the Day
Dunno how many of you have heard of Aibo, Sony's robotic dog, but here's a little article about AiTux, a robotic penguin.

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