Quake 3 Arena
     Q3A Funnames
Q3A, as promised, has support for funnames.  If you don't know what funnames are, you've probably been deprived of one of those... wonderful things in Quake1 (and in Paintball II:).  They're just a way to make use of the expanded character set so you can spice up your name a little.  Since understanding what character's what and how to actually make your name look the way you want can be a bit difficult, I put together a little JavaScript thing that makes it easy to make your own 'lil funname. Simply click on the characters then copy the text in the text box.  Open up q3config.cfg in the q3test/demoq3/ directory and place it between the quotes in the seta name "..."

NOTE: Colors do not work on the second half of the characters.  This means you can't color any of the cool characters :(  Maybe Carmack will fix this for the final release. Also, some of the characters will print out as a "?"  I guess this is just a JavaScript problem.  I've noticed it with other JavaScript things and nothing I've tried to fix it works.  If you know how, drop me a line.  If you want to just copy the characters manually, you can get them here (to the right of each image):             Be careful when copying your funname.  Programs like Wordpad will pervert it and make it messed up when you're in the game.  Notepad usually works.  I have no idea how (or if) this works with the Mac.

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