What it is
RAWscape is a program that generates terrains from RAW files.  RAW files are just raw data and can be generated with most graphics programs (like Paintshop Pro).  The terrain is stored in a .map file which can be opened with any Quake2 level editor and modified.  I've always wanted to be able to just draw a level and have it made.  This is my attempt at making a program that will take an image and make a level.  It's not quite that simple, and I would reccomend that only experienced game editors use it, but it does make it quite a bit easier and faster (and possible) to make complex terrains.

     How it Works
Each pixel in the RAW image acts like a vertex.  The lighter the pixel, the higher the vertex.  If the pixel is black, nothing is created.  This way, you can make odd shaped maps by drawing stuff around in a black image.

Quake2 style .map format
Ground and wall textures
(ground texture determined by slope)
Tolerance setting for ground texture
Customizeable x,y, and z multipliers
Uses a config file
Controlled breakup of the map to keep r_speeds low
Maps can be any size/shape (not limited to just a rectangle)

     Future Plans/Ideas
Support for caves/multiple levels
Support for Q1, HL, etc.
Support for multiple image formats (TGA, BMP, etc)
Use of different textures in caves
(so you can have grass outside and dirt inside)
Sky placement
Textures based on altitude (snowcapped mountains?)
Plugin for QERadiant?
Multiple terrain merging?
I usually get most of my ideas while working, so there's prolly gonna be a lot more stuff in future versions.

     Screen Shots

Ahh, so you want it, eh? :)
Grab it here.

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