Yoy, It's Been a While
Man, I haven't updated this page in forever.  Many apologies.  School's been crazy and I've been lazy.  Bad combination.  When I ran across this picture, though... it just couldn't wait.  With oversea ballots (generally Republican) being rejected, election laws being changed mid-count, and hand counts only covering highly democratic regions, the words "Sore Loserman" come to mind.  I'll probably be inundated with emails about this, but fortunately most of the people who couldn't figure out how to punch a ballot won't be able to click on my email address link and complain. *snicker* *snicker*  OK, that was pretty mean, but I have freedom of speech, right? :)

     Midnight ][ - The Inversion
This one took a while to make - it's actually old news, but I haven't updated this page since I completed it, so if you didn't catch it the first time around, Midnight II is complete.  It's a cool lookin' thing.  Even if you don't play it, it's still worth a look see.  I just updated the levels section with screenshots and stuff on it.  Check it out here.

     New Anime Art
I didn't create this one from scratch, but rather it was a recreation of a frame in Oh, My Goddess.  I wanted to get a good feel for the tools in Flash.  Perhaps one of these days I'll create a short Anime clip or something... one of these days when I magically end up with tons of free time.  Check it out here.  You'll need the Flash 4 (or higher) plugin installed.  I might throw it up in the Anime section one of these days as well. :)

     Random Thought
I need to make all of the stuff on this page automated so updates aren't so cumbersome...

     Link o' the Day
Tourette Syndrome Barbie.  This thing is great, hehe.

     Clemson: The Good
Well, my life as a college student has now begun.  There's a lot of people that I know here, which is pretty cool.  It's kinda nice to have a lot of stuff to do.  I played some ultimate frisbee last night with  the Campus Crusade group and had a great time.

     Clemson: The Bad
I was one of the lucky people that got stuck in the 50+-year-old dorms (Johnstone).  I've actually got a pretty clean and non-stinky dorm rooms, so it's not too bad, but the walls are made out of sheets of metal, so you can hear just about anything that goes on anywhere on the hall.  Also, while the food here is almost edible (certainly better than the middle and high school cafeteria food I've eaten), it's not the best.  I like my pizza cooked, not just thawed (don't get me wrong here.  It's good that they thaw it... like I said, better than middle school food:).  My stomach still hasn't adapted, though.  When my solid waste isn't solid... that's just not good.  I went to one of the socials, but about all I was social with was John.  The John.  He was pretty nice about it, though.  I know most people wouldn't handle the kind of crap I gave him.  Another thing on the bad note was the size of the classes.  I mean, I skipped a lot of the freshmen courses so I could avoid that, yet all of my classes are like 100 people.

     Clemson: The Ugly
I remember the days when almost everybody had a modem...  You'd hop on a quake server and be having a good time, then some guy with like a 30 ping would come in and totally ruin everybody's fun.  Stupid LPB's!  And I remember some of them even had the guts to complain about the high ping whiners!  I knew my day would come.  I was gonna be one of those darn college LPB's and hop on a server and show people what I was really made of.  Yes, College.  The place where everyone could be happy with a fast connection to servers, every day was a LAN party, and people could download shrimp at lightning speeds!  Of course, by the time I get here, everyone has cable modems and DSL, and you hardly see anyone with a ping over 200 anymore.  I admit, even I got DSL over the summer, but I figured the access at college would still be fast, so I was still looking forward to it.  Then I get here and I get this!?  I mean, come on!  A 14.4 modem is faster than that!  I think some people need to lay of the napster or something.  I went to play in a paintball match on a server i normally pinged like 150 to, and I was pinging over 2000.  I couldn't even move.

Another ugly: The computer science class.  I decided to major in computer science because it's the kind of thing I do all the time anyway.  It would be easy and useful.  I figured the classes would be pretty easy and I wouldn't have to do much work (just write some programs here and there that take a couple minutes).  Man, I was wrong.  It's an 8:00am class (even though the teacher knows most of the students will be the late-night chat/gaming type), and you HAVE to show up every day of class.  The teacher's always going to give quizzes, and the homework assignments are the most absurd thing I've ever heard of.  I had to sit down outside for like half an hour after class and the disbelief still hasn't worn off.  This is the first assignment: "Read Chapter 1 of Java Elements and write a synopsis of the material in this chapter. Your outline should be about two typed, single-spaced pages in length and should contain references to all the major points covered in the chapter as well as examples and citations as appropriate. You will also use this outline as a study guide when studying for the Hour Quiz and the Exam, so make it useful to yourself."  ?!??!?!?!?!?!??????  A two page summary of the chapter?  In computer science?!  Heck, I never read programming books.  I just look up what I need when I need it and don't waste my time.  This is definitely not what I expected a college level course to be like.  I thought it was gonna be like my psychology class, "There's going to be four exams this semester.  You don't have to bring your book to class.  People who attend class generally tend to do better on the exams."  This compsci class makes me feel like I'm in 7th grade English doing stupid busy work all over again.  I went to college to get away from that crap. :(  *sigh*  </rant></rant></rant>  I guess that's enough for now.  I probably could have finished that assignment by now, but I'm gonna be getting another one every day I go to that class.  Grrrrr. [RantTransfer Complete.  Rant mode deactivated]

     Random Thought
Wonder if anyone that goes to Clemson reads this page...

     Link o' the Day
For those of you wondering where I got the bandwidth speed test thing from my rant (and potw), you can try it out here.

(Long Time, No Update).  Sorry about that.  It's been over a month since I've touched this site.  I hadn't even copied the files over from when I got a new hard drive!  This summer was pretty slack until it got toward the end, and then everything decided to happen at once.  Heh, oh well.  Guess I'll get my NoSleep(tm) mode back in gear in plenty of time before college starts.

     New Job
I'm working at Anderson Communications (a marketing company) doing web stuff.  I get to play with Flash and stuff all day :))

     Site Revamp
Since my knowledge of Flash has increased tenfold after working with it so much, I'm planning on redoing this site entirely in flash.  I've been working on a windowed environment which I thought would be pretty cool.  It's almost entirely dynamic.  Heck of a lot of scripting, and tons of workarounds (flash has no way to put existing objects in front of each other and you can't resize masks with scripting).  You can take a peek at it here.  Keep in mind it's still under construction - quite a bit left to do, but at least now it's somewhat presentable :)

     Random Thought
If a tree falls in the forest and there's only one lumber jack around to hear it, does it still mean that the environmentalist whackos will have a fit?

     Link o' the Day
"Oops, I farted again..." - A nice Spears parody animated in Flash :)

     Keygrip2 Tutorial
I put together a tutorial on how to recam Quake2 demos using Keygrip2.  Check it out in the Tools/Tips section, or just click here.

     Graduation Pics
I put together some of the pics from graduation and other events around that time.  Check them out here (if you care to).

     Digital Camera
The digital camera I got for my graduation present came in a couple days ago.  It's a Sony CyberShot DSC-S70.  It takes pictures at twice the resolution I have my desktop set at :).  If you want, you can see a picture I took in high resolution here.

     Random Thought
I think all new consumer electronics should come with built-in pressure sensors that when the structural integrity of the device is in danger, they scream.  Picture some large man sitting down on a pager by accident - "AAAGHHH!" or maybe an obese woman squishes a cell phone "HELP! IEEEE!" They would be extremely entertaining on electric scales "Mrmph... get.. off.. of... me! Help! HEEEEELP!"

     Link o' the Day
UslessKnowledge.com - More or less what it sounds like.

     At Last! An Update!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while.  Before I could use the excuse that I was busy with school work and stuff, but now it's summer, so the only thing I can say is that I've been really lazy and haven't wanted to bother updating - too much stuff.  Of course, the longer I wait, the more stuff there is to put up here, so I'll just kinda sum it up with one nice, large update (most recent to least):

That makes it official!  Done with High School forever!  I graduated last Wednesday, and I felt it was my duty to do something strange, since nobody else did.  I put my arms together through the sleeves of my gown like a monk, then did a bunch of bows in every direction when I was on stage.  Wonder if any of those pictures turned out...

     Paintball II Demo
I put together a nice set of action scenes from a Paintball II DM game, added music, special effects, etc.  If you have Digital Paint Paintball II, you can download this one, or you can get the standalone one (larger file size, but you don't have to download the mod to watch it - why you wouldn't have PB2 is beyond me, but anyway... it's here).

Auguste went with me to prom this year.  I should have some pictures up in the About section here sooner or later.  It was pretty fun.  We had lots of food and The Matrix playing at the party afterward.

     School's Out!
Friday, June 2.  At last - the final day I needed to go to school (other than graduation stuff).

     LAN Party
This was a good one (May 20).  We had 8 people (3 of which were Andrews) and consumed 4 large pizzas.  Tak brought his plasma ball, and we discovered that when aluminum foil is added, it's powerful enough to burn flesh.  I've got some pictures of that party - should have them up eventually (About section).

     AP Exams
The AP Environmental Science exam was really easy, especially considering I didn't take the class. :)  AP Biology was... well, it was AP Bio.  I really don't know how I did on that one.  AP Computer Science AB was a little more difficult than I expected.  About every other or every 3rd multiple choice question dealt with BigO, which was something I didn't study much, and all the free response questions dealt with apstack and apqueue, which were the other things I didn't study much.  I guess I'll just hope for the best.

Yay! I got the Palmetto Fellows Scholarship, which is like $5k/yr.  Unfortunately it means I don't get the Life scholarship (can't have both) which is $1k/yr, but hey, I'll take it! :)  I also got the Prince Alumni Scholarship from Clemson ($1000, I think).  I've still got a couple more to apply for, hopefully I'll get them.

     Grad Nite
Oh, yeah, and I wrote a little thing about Grad Nite a while back and never linked it.  You can see it here.

     Random Thought
If ham comes from a pig, does Hamlet come from a piglet?

     Link o' the Day
Airtoons.com - Some of those illustrations in the airplane safety guide are a little, well... just look at it and see.  Worth a visit :)

Well, Grad Nite was fun.  I'll probably put more up on it once I get some pictures developed and stuff...  <rant>Too bad I'm coming back to a week of INSANITY.  Ugh, everything has to happen at once.  My research paper for English is due Friday.  I've got an AP Biology test on Friday as well.  I've got to work on my stock project for Economics, as well as my job shadowing presentation which is tomorrow, and I have to write up a report on that and a resume and stuff.  I've gotta prepare for international science fair.  I'm leaving this Saturday, so I've gotta get everything done before the end of Friday.  I need to study for AP Computer Science AB (I was going to take the exam at the science fair, but things got messed up so I'm going to have to take it when I get back) which I haven't really looked at since the beginning of the year.  I might want to look at AP Environmental Science as well, since I'm going to be taking that exam too.  To top it all off, I got sick today and I haven't done anything but sleep.  Heh, kinda funny how I've been joking about the worst-case scenario, then it happens.  I'm in such a daze... didn't go to bed until 3:45am last night.  OK, enough ranting.  It's 10:30 and I need to get started on reading questions and Economics questions due tomorrow.  I feel sorry for my future self on Thursday... should I be really mean to him and not work on any of the stuff due Friday? :)</rant> heh.

     Random Thought

     Link o' the Day
Kiki for President 2000! - Some link a friend sent me, heh.  Three words: poing! poing! poing!

     Environment Sound Tutorial for Q2
For all of you who want to add environment sounds (or any kind of sounds, actually) to Quake2 maps, I threw together a little tutorial for it.  Check it out in the Tools / Tips section under tutorials.

     Grad Night
I'm leaving for grad night tomorrow... erm, hmm, it's Thursday already.  Ok, so I'm heading out today for grad night.  It'll be my first time going to Disney World (try to be different and not be surprised at this - I guess people are amazed that I could have such a deprived childhood...)  Anyway, it should be fun.  Now, I think I should be going to bed.  It's 2:00 and I'm hyper (again - darn nocturnalness).

     Random Thought
What does it mean if you mean to get the mean of meanness?

     Link o' the Day
For all the students around looking at this - a nice place to, erm... "work smarter, not harder" - researchstuff.com (hey, that's what they're trying to teach us anyway, right?! :)

     Slide4... Whoa
Heh, tak beat me on Slide4 so I had to redeem myself and beat him again, especially since he knocked me off the record table.  This demo is nuts.  If you only check out one demo, check this one out (jitsl4_142).  Note: not for the feint of heart.  There's a new slide2 time and some other stuff... Mods / Slide - check it out. :)

     Random Thoughts
What came first?  The language or the compiler?

And, in Easter spirit:  What came first?  The bunny or the egg?

     Link o' the Day
This is great: An interview with Jeeves (ask.com)

     More Slide Stuff
Welp, tak tried to beat me again.  This time on Slide2 (I had 15.1 secs and he got 15.0).  I turned around and beat him, though (14.9 secs).  Record table and demos updated, Mods / Slide (as usual).  I also added a link to my slide tricks - whacky stuff for your viewing pleasure :)

     Random Thought
Cocktail, n. The hind feathers of a rooster.

     Link o' the Day
In my state, it is perfectly legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays.  Wanna find out some whack laws in your state?  Check out dumblaws.com.

     Tak Tied My Slide1 Time
Uh-oh, competition! :)  Check out the demo in the Mods / Slide section.  Blah, I can't think of anything to add to make this news blurb more interesting, and just one line looks kind a stupid so I'm just gonna write a bunch of crap to fill it in some more.  There.  Yeah, and if you tie/break some of the records on there, be sure to send me a demo. :)

     Random Thought
After watching Braveheart, I understand why the Scottish wear kilts: easy three-step mooning! 1. Turn around, 2. Bend over, and 3. Lift kilt.  You don't have to mess with all that crap of pulling your pants down and stuff.  You just need a twist and a quick flip of the wrist.

     Link o' the Day
The hedgehog game.  Where do I get this stuff?  Good question...

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