Textures(Photoshop) - Rock Textures from Scratch
Anime - Chiby (Cutesy) Eyes
Genesis3D - Making Maps with a Q2 Level Editor
3DSMAX3 - Applying Multiple Textures to a Model
Building Skies (Environment Maps)
Q3A - Exploring .PK3 Files
Q3A - Modifying HUD GFX
Q2 - Making VWeps for mods, etc.

Q2 - Adding Environment Sounds to Maps
Q2 - Creating Textures (with PSP5)
Q2 - Creating Textures (with Photoshop)
Q2 - Recamming Demos with Keygrip2

Q3A Funname Maker
Quake2 3.20 game source.
Quake, Quake2, and Paintball II JASC Palettes.
Quake, Quake2, and Paintball II Adobe Palettes.
ArghRad - Quake2 lighting program.
BSP - Very nice, powerful map editor.
Terragen - Great program for making skies.
Wally - Graphics program to create Q2 .WAL files.

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